Element 10 - Hiring out of equipment

10.1.1 - When loaning equipment, does the pharmacy have to comply with Element 10 Hiring Out of Equipment?

Yes, loaning equipment is to be managed in accordance with the requirements of Element 10 Hiring Out of Equipment.


10.1.2 - The procedure for P10B Acquisition of a New Piece of Hire Equipment has mandatory actions.  Is it mandatory for the pharmacy to have this procedure?

The P10B procedure is not required as part of the ‘Evidence Required at Assessment’. Therefore, the pharmacy is not required to have this procedure. However, if the pharmacy does have this procedure, it must contain the mandatory actions


10.2.1 - Is it mandatory for a pharmacy to have a T10B Equipment Data document for each piece of hire equipment?

Yes, Action 1 of this Element requires a procedure, P10A, for hiring equipment.  The Procedure P10A requires, in a number of its mandatory actions, the use of a T10B Equipment Data document.


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