Element 18 - Information technology

18.1.1 - Procedure P18A Action 3 refers to setting the screen saver to start automatically in password protection mode whenever a computer is left idle for a short period of time.  Does this refer to the computer in the front of shop as well?

Yes, this action is about protecting computer records of patient data from unauthorised access.  Therefore, it is referring to any computer which has access to patient data.  For some pharmacies, this may include computers in the front of shop.


18.1.2 - Is a pharmacy able to allow all staff to have access to computer records?

The Evidence Required at Assessment requires proof that patient data cannot be accessed by unauthorised personnel. A pharmacy may decide that all pharmacy staff are authorised to access patient data. In this case, the Assessor would only look for proof that patient data cannot be accessed by non-pharmacy staff.


18.3.1 - A pharmacy’s backup program automatically creates a log of all backups of the pharmacy’s data.  Would this be sufficient proof?

Provided the backup log contains the data required by the mandatory fields on the T18A Backup Schedule and Record template, this log would be sufficient. Backup monitoring is acceptable only if the pharmacy can prove that they receive an immediate confirmation that the backup process has not malfunctioned and that their information has been successfully backed up.


18.3.2 - What is proof of a planned schedule as required as evidence?

The planned schedule should be recorded in P18B Data Backup. The assessor sights evidence this is being followed through electronic logs, printed records or the T18A Backup Schedule and Record.


18.4.1 - Does a pharmacy have to show the Assessor the installed computer programs used to protect against potential external attack?

No. The evidence required at assessment requires an explanation only for the systems the pharmacy uses. 


18.8.1 - Is the pharmacy required to have a fax machine within the pharmacy?

No, Element 18 Action 8 requires the pharmacy to have the ability to receive facsimile transmissions. This could include a fax machine or receiving facsimile transmissions via software installed on their computer system.

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