Element 4 - Advertising and promotions

4.1.1 - How does the pharmacy know whether the advertising or promotional material relating to therapeutic products complies with the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code?

The pharmacy should obtain a copy of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code from the TGA website on the internet. Regulatory advice or training offered by industry organisations may assist pharmacies in being familiar with the requirements of the Code.


4.5.1 - Can a pharmacy write its own Price List Policy?

No, the P4A QCPP Price List Policy is QCPPs policy, not the pharmacy's policy. If the pharmacy provides price lists of Scheduled Medicines to the general public, then every requirement of this policy must be strictly adhered to.


4.5.3 - Can on-hold advertising (telephone message) be considered as relevant to Element 4 and therefore be included for QCPP Assessment?

For the purposes of QCPP, on-hold advertising (telephone message) is considered to be advertising. Therefore, Element 4 requirements apply and on-hold advertising may be assessed by assessors during accreditation and/or re-accreditation assessments.


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